Growing plots

The Growing Plots are Roni’s brain child – she wants to help the local community keep fit and eat healthily, and what better way than by growing their own naturally grown vegetables.

So in February, weTamworth diggers turned the Tamworth pigs onto a strip of land to let them dig it for us. I think you’ll agree, they did a great job!


Our first plots have been snapped up by local users who will be growing their own crops in exchange for helping out on the Project.  Our growers, Adam, Henri and Jen are there with help and advice too.

Gill's fence postThis is my plot, and I’ll be keeping you up to date with how I’m doing.  So far this week I’ve planted some raspberry canes by the fence, sowed some peas and broad beans, and planted potatoes and strawberries.

But now I’m hoping for rain over the weekend to water them all in.

by Gill
(regular volunteer and new ‘Plotter’)




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