Canalside Community Food

Canalside Community Food CSA from Lemington Spa is a superbly organised community supported agriculture scheme. Canalside has been very helpful in answering all our inquiries about their experiences. To learn more about the organisation please visit

Climate Friendly BoA

Climate friendly Bradford-on-Avon is a local environmental group that works together the people, organisations and businesses of the Bradford on Avon Community Area to make the town carbon neutral by 2050. To learn more about the organisation please visit

Wiltshire Council
Wilshire Council has kindly supported BoACA at its very beginnings for which we are still very grateful. To learn more about Wilshire Council please visit
Local Food Lottery Logo

Local Food is a £57.5 million programme that distributes lottery grants to a variety of food-related projects to help make locally grown food accessible and affordable to local communities. To learn more about the Local Food intiative please visit and

Woodland Trust Jubilee

The Jubilee Woods Project created by Woodland Trust donated a Jubilee Oak together with 350 trees to BoACA. We managed to plant them all during our “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Oak Tree Planting Event” held on 17th March 2012. To learn more please visit

The CSA Network is the only organisation working to promote CSA (community supported agriculture) across the UK. To learn more please visit

And here further links to projects, intiatives and companies we think you might find interesting: – our closest CSA group – a nationwide scheme to link growers and landowners – a federation of City Farms and Community Gardens – advice and information for organic growers – a nationwide scheme to link growers and landowners – a comprehensive guide to community supported agriculture – a pioneering UK CSA group

If you would like to have a link listed here or become BoACA’s sponsor please let us know on our email address